Here are 5 crazy tricks to improve your YouTube experience. You probably aren’t using it to its fullest yet.

If you think you are using YouTube to 100% of its potential, you are probably wrong. Over the past few months, Google’s developer team has been working to release more and more updates aimed at making the experience as complete as possible for consumers. Both in the free version of the service and in the Premium version.

How to use Youtube to the fullest: the secrets you need to know

And it is inevitable that there are some gems that have gone unnoticed and have not immediately attracted the interest of users. However, you should know that some of these tricks could actually be very useful to you. Today we are talking to you in particular about 5 of these released in the last period, which could improve – and quite a bit – your experience with the Google platform for enjoying videos.

5 tricks for YouTube: this way you will live a unique experience

After discovering these 5 secret tricks, using YouTube will never be the same for you. These are little gems that can be activated in a few moments but that practically no one knows about. The experience will be more unique than ever and you will never go back, you will regret not having discovered them sooner.

Here are 5 secrets to enjoy Youtube to the fullest

The first thing you can do is maximize video quality. By default, in fact, the YouTube app tends to set the resolution based on internet speed and screen size. But by clicking on the gear icon and then on Quality, you can set the resolution you prefer. The setting to put videos in loop is also very useful, which can be activated simply by clicking on the dedicated item from the gear or with the right mouse button.

If, however, you want to improve the section of advice on videos to watch via algorithm, the advice is to modify the viewing history via the dedicated section. Remove videos that don’t reflect your interests and the Google app will work better to point you to content that’s relevant to you.

It is essential to know the keyboard shortcuts, so that you can say goodbye to the mouse. Space is for pause, J and L to go forward or backward 10 seconds, M to mute and unmute, < and > to change playback speed, F to go full screen, and the numbers 1-9 to skip from 10 to 90% of the video. Finally, we would like to point out the possibility of unlocking extra functions with some extensions. So you can enjoy, for example, intelligent picture-in-picture or non-stop ad-free playback.