Google has thought of a surprise for users who regularly use YouTube, a new function that will glue everyone to the screen.

YouTube is a point of reference for those who don’t like watching TV and are always on the hunt for new content and Google seems intent on making its platform even more interesting and valid as an alternative to all the streaming that can be found online.

Change the feed and the menus on YouTube – Sjbeez

With a confirmation that arrived after a report made by users, who always notice on their own a little before what happens, the big G company confirmed what had appeared in the menus of several users.

This is not a change that affects everyone but which follows other settings that must already be present in the videos and obviously also in the devices through which the streaming takes place. And this novelty is not walking alone. There’s another one, arriving in the form of a test for now, that’s equally interesting to explore. If you spend a lot of time on YouTube it’s time to pay attention to these details.

YouTube gives you even more detail and in the color of your choice

The first news concerns the fact that YouTube confirmed, after the news had spread through Reddit, a 1080p Enhanced mode which actually seemed ready for testing but is behind schedule. A mode that several users had the opportunity to try even before the company connected to the big G confirmed this news.

YouTube experiments with how users will see tomorrow’s TV – Sjbeez

However, a technical misunderstanding was created at the time of the progressive rollout which in fact prevents the use of the new resolution mode which should bring the video quality up to 4K. The bug is being eliminated. And while the YouTube technicians hunt for it, let’s try to understand what it actually means.

The option allows you to have improved video quality that surpasses what was currently the best available, i.e. 1080p 60. Ideal for content that benefits from greater definition. Now looking in the menu of any video, even those in which it was present, the option cannot be found.

However, those who have tried it underline that in reality it comes into action exactly like the others: in the presence of a series of transmission conditions it is possible to have it active. Another feature that should also have the aim of improving the amount of time users spend on YouTube, as if that wasn’t already enough, is the other feature that you’ve probably seen but haven’t yet figured out. focused attention: the colorful feed.

Another function that is absolutely experimental apparently and which organizes a sort of playlist based on the color you choose. Feeds are currently available for red, blue and green. What happens is that a new feed is created based on color. It remains to be seen whether, in addition to the presence of the particular color variation, there is something else that identifies the videos that are shown but for those moments in which you no longer know what to watch and are looking for inspiration it could be fun.