Telephone operators are moving towards Wi-Fi 7: here’s who already has the innovative router and why you need to have it now.

A set of technologies for wireless local area networks based on the IEEE 802.11 standards, through which multiple devices can be connected to each other via radio waves and exchange data. This is the definition of Wi-Fi. It’s been a while since 1997.

2024, the year of Wi-Fi 7 and new routers – photo source: – Sjbeez

We started from a speed, now considered pachydermal, of a connection of up to 2 Mbit/s. But already two years later it had moved to 11 Mbit/s. Now we travel at the speed of light. Suffice it to say that last January 8th, new powerful features were introduced that boost Wi-Fi performance, which in the meantime has reached 7, which improve connectivity in a variety of environments, with incredible numbers, incomparable with those of its birth.

320 MHz channels, doubled ultra-wide channels, Multi-Link Operation, 4K QAM achieving 20% ​​higher throughput than 1024 QAM, 512 Compressed Block-ack improving efficiency and reducing overall costs, Access uplink activated to accommodate latency-sensitive flows and meet QoS requirements.

Wi-Fi 7, Iliad shoulder: here is the Freebox Ultra router: updated numbers, never seen anything like this

Wi-Fi 7 brings us into a new era where innovations are based on even higher throughput, ever-lower latency, greater reliability for critical traffic. New use cases, including multi-user AR/VR/XR, are music to the ears of those who populate the crowded world of gaming, but also of those who enjoy immersive 3D training, hybrid work, industrial and automotive IoT. And so on and so forth.

Iliad starts first, here is the Freebox Ultra, a router with integrated Wi-Fi 7 – photo source: – Sjbeez

Iliad is the first telephone operator to cross the new frontier which will lead to a broader ecosystem with over 233 million devices expected to enter the market this year, reaching 2.1 billion by 2028. Et voilà, in perfect French, here is Freebox Ultra presented by Iliadi in the Transalpine region at the end of January. Specially designed for fiber, it meets the growing demand for bandwidth by delivering incredible speeds.

Up to 8 Gbps for downloads and, for the first time in France, up to 8 Gbps for uploads. That’s eight times faster than the best loading speed the market had to offer so far. Iliad is the first among telephone operators to launch Wi-Fi 7 on a large scale: unprecedented speeds of up to 6 Gbps with multiple devices connected simultaneously, up to five times faster than Wi-Fi 6 used in the previous generation of Freebox .

The brand new repeater has built-in Wi-Fi 7, which extends to all corners of the house, you can take up to four. Full speed ahead, and to think that we started from a connection of up to 2 Mbit/s. Prehistory.