WhatsApp is ready to replace (also) the personal agenda: the new feature that will improve the lives of super busy users.

Even though WhatsApp is the most popular and most used instant messaging application in the world, it constantly continues to add and improve features. This is an extremely careful company policy, since to keep such a high number of users loyal it is undoubtedly necessary to always give the best.

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One of the most radical innovations of the last year for WhatsApp users was the introduction of Communities, “social” structures similar to Discord servers. By signing up to a Community a user acquires access to different thematic chats, each of which is typically intended for a particular purpose. For example, the fan community of a city’s football team could include chats to organize choreographies, a chat to coordinate trips to away games, a chat for press reviews on the team and so on.

Obviously, communities are the ideal channel for organizing events that involve all members and, precisely for this reason, WhatsApp has decided to create a specific function to facilitate this type of organisation.

What is WhatsApp calendar and how does it work?

According to the WABetaInfo website, a virtual agenda is ready to be released in the WhatsApp beta testers group which will allow users of a community to set reminders for specific events.

WhatsApp introduces the virtual agenda – Sjbeez

In this way, users of a community will be able to benefit from a summary screen of all the appointments or events organized by and for the community in chronological order, so as not to miss any activity and always be updated on what the community plans to do.

As always happens with functions in beta testing, the WhatsApp Community agenda could be made available to all users when Meta recognizes its actual usefulness and after any programming bugs accompanying the launches have been corrected. so complex.

The introduction of this new feature makes it clearer than ever that WhatsApp has decided to turn decisively towards a different type of use, going from being a simple messaging app to covering some functions typically performed by a social network. All that remains is to wait and see how the users who use the platform for many hours a day every day react.