The most used messaging application in the world is ready to release a new feature. Here’s what it is.

WhatsApp is unquestionably the most famous and used instant messaging application by users all over the world. First launched online in 2009, the app has undergone a series of updates and changes over the years, introducing new features and coming under the control of Meta, the US company that manages Facebook and Instagram.

Whatsapp: new update coming

Unlike the first months of testing, in which users could purchase an annual subscription for around 1 euro, the application is now definitively free throughout the world. The main service offered by WhatsApp consists in the possibility of sending text messages completely free of charge, using a data or Wi-Fi Internet connection.

In addition, the application allows the user to send images, videos, documents, audio and locations in real time, as well as the recently introduced possibility of making calls and video calls while continuing to use the data connection of your device.

WhatsApp: new feature coming soon

In addition to the application’s compatibility with the Android and iOS operating systems, WhatsApp is also available in a desktop client version, for both Windows and Mac and in a web version, to be used directly from your computer’s browser. WhatsApp developers continue to periodically release updates capable of solving usage problems, reported by users themselves, to facilitate the use of the application on new smartphone models on the market.

The new WhatsApp feature arrives

Android users will be the protagonists of the new update coming from the WhatsApp team, which is ready to add an additional level of security within chats. WhatsApp is working to provide users with greater control over the privacy of their conversations, extending these features across all platforms connected to the account.

The latest WhatsApp beta update for Android, already available for download on Google Play Store, offers users the chat blocking feature in connected devices. Specifically, when a chat is blocked on the main device, it will automatically be blocked on all other connected devices, optimizing the user’s privacy and security.

This new update not only ensures top-notch protection across all devices, but also simplifies the user experience by automatically synchronizing security measures. By extending this function to connected devices, WhatsApp will improve the convenience of users who frequently use multiple connected devices and are used to working with different platforms.