While waiting for the historic switch, here are some useful tricks for adding bulleted lists on WhatsApp, or crossing out text with a few clicks.

Epochal turning point. Put like this, it may seem like classic exaggeration, hyperbole. But it’s all true. In a month, WhatsApp will enter a new era, that of exchange with other instant messaging applications.

WhatsApp, all ready for the March switch – Sjbeez

Certainly not due to some idea by the brilliant Mark Zuckerberg. None of this: Meta has been identified by the European Union as a gatekeeper, like Alphabet (ergo Google), Amazon, Apple, ByteDance (therefore TikTok), Microsoft and Samsung.

Large online platforms that provide an important gateway between business users and consumers, whose position can grant them the power to create a bottleneck in the digital economy. The honors end here, because according to the new European Union regulations, these giants have to bear some costs.

WhatsApp, waiting for March 6: here are four very useful tricks that you won’t be able to do without

Well, these tech giants will have to allow, through unifying procedures, the exchange and interaction between the different instant messaging applications, adapting to the new standards no later than March 6th, under penalty of very high sanctions: a fine of 10% of the turnover overall, which are doubled in the case of recidivism.

There is always some trick on WhatsApp that you weren’t aware of – Sjbeez

For the moment the switch, that epochal turning point mentioned above, will only start in chats: messages that pass from Telegram to WhatsApp (and vice versa) just to give an example. In the meantime we can enjoy four very useful tricks. Still in the beloved mini-world of editing, with WhatsApp you can transform your chat messages with functions similar to Windows Word, so to speak.

Another example: if you enter a chat on the number one instant messaging app (over 2.3 billion users), try typing the hyphen, give it a space and write the word the word you need, or even the before it occurs to you to do an experiment. Well, a bulleted list will automatically be created and by going to the end you will be able to continue writing your very long list. It’s still.

By using the backtick symbol always followed by the digitization of a word or phrase, closing the discussion with the backtick as you wish, everything selected in the appropriate area will be highlighted. A tap on the tilde button, then the word or phrase and tilde again, we will magically have created a crossed out phrase (or word).

With asterisk+word+asterisk, and voila our bold is served. Last but not least, did you make a mistake in deleting a message? No panic: after clicking delete for me, you can quickly go to the cancel pop-up. And everything will be as before.