Google recently released a new update that users don’t like. Changed service and problems, what it is.

Although 2024 only started a little over a month ago, the period of big changes has already begun for Google. In fact, continuous announcements and leaks are arriving regarding new features that will soon see the light and which will affect some of the main services that Big G has been offering to its enormous audience of users for some time.

New Google update worries users: here’s the reason

Just think of Android for smartphones which receives periodic updates on all latest generation devices, or even the search engine for computers. Without forgetting the entire ecosystem made up of Drive, YouTube, Music and so on.

Recently, a new update to this effect was released but users really don’t like it. It even seems that your personal files are in danger and there are problems underway. Here’s what you need to do to make everything safe.

Google, the latest update puts your files at risk: how to protect them immediately

A big piece of news that Google has released in recent days with a new update, but which isn’t going down well with users. Also and above all due to the problems that have already emerged for the security of one’s personal files, which could push the developer team to act again in the next few days.

All the details on the new Google update for smartphones

In fact, on Android smartphones, Google’s Files app no ​​longer has a lower navigation bar. With the features that were inside it having been moved elsewhere. Big G’s idea was to introduce a new simplified and more accessible search screen, and that’s why now all the buttons have been redistributed in a seemingly intelligent way.

The Clean tab is gone in the sidebar, the Nearby Sharing tab is gone. And with the latest service offered by Samsung, Files can now be used as Quick Share. For a sort of merger that is making the community turn up their noses.

The fear is that your files saved within the service are at risk. Not so much for reasons related to security and possible threats, but rather for the difficulty that the community is experiencing in finding all those search functions that until recently were positioned in plain sight in the bottom bar of the service.