Some TV channels have been categorically banned. Viewing leads to a €15,000 fine: here’s what to watch out for.

New technologies have provided alternatives to TV, but this media continues to be among the most used in the world. Precisely in this area a turning point has been reported which could lead to a very high fine for viewers.

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TV offers absolutely interesting and popular programmes, but over time there have been some unexpected developments. Changes favored by the network which revealed a completely illegal side and a lot of risk.

Over the years, piracy has increasingly increased and with the internet has definitively taken up a large space, despite it having always been illegal. To counter this trend, the Senate unanimously approved the law against the illicit diffusion of content protected by copyright. Let’s go into details to better understand which channels have been banned and how not to run any risks.

Measure against piracy: what is at risk and which channels it involves

The Italian Senate wanted to put a serious brake on online piracy, given the high numbers it reached every year. It did so with a provision which in case of violation implements the sanctions provided for in the “anti-pezzotto law”: up to three years in prison and a 15,000 euro fine.

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The text also provides for the immediate blocking of the IP address from which the pirated signal originates and ends up on the many Chinese box websites from which the streaming of illegal content protected by copyright is accessed.

The law was long awaited by the Football League and by clubs because it would change the way of enjoying football matches, which are particularly affected by online piracy. In fact, the big news is represented by the fact that the Communications Authority (Agcom) has the power to order service providers to proceed with disabling access to the site that transmits the pirate signal within thirty minutes.

In short, a decisive step forward that allows us to reduce the rate of piracy and preserve a sector that generates a lot of revenue for the State. Those who chose this illegal solution will now have great difficulty in proceeding along this path, especially because the risk of running into very strong sanctions is high. Therefore, channels dedicated to football, as well as other content, must only be viewed via official systems.