Do you have too many browsers on your PC? Here’s the brilliant trick to have your entire history just a click away: it’s very easy.

To be able to surf the internet with your PC in complete peace of mind, one of the essential elements is the browser. That is, a program that gives you the opportunity to connect to your account and access the search bar where you can enter web addresses or individual keywords to find all the results you need. There are several on the market, and Google Chrome and Safari remain the leaders.

Too many browsers on the PC, so merge all the history

In particular, Big G’s service offers some useful extensions to further improve your experience, while Apple’s service offers total connection with all the other devices of the Californian company so as not to lose any data. However, it may happen that you use too many browsers on your PC to browse, and therefore have a fragmented history. If you want to merge it and view it just a click away, then this simple trick will come in very handy.

Browser history in one click: try this trick

This is a trick that is as simple to apply as it is efficient in its result, which is never talked about enough but which you might think about applying if you usually use different browsers on your PC but need to access a single complete history with n clicks.

With one click, merge all your browser history

All you need to do is start using BrowsingHistoryView, a convenient free tool that gives you the opportunity to enjoy an operation similar to that already seen on other programs. After installing it, to be able to recover all the technology you just need to configure the various browsers you have installed on your computer. So you have everything in a single interface.

By clicking on the individual column headings, you can then sort the various items displayed. While to search for something in particular, just click on the Edit menu and then on the Find item. By entering the term to find in the search box. It’s all convenient, free and simple to use, a perfect solution to be able to enjoy what you’ve always been looking for without problems.

By doing so, your browser history will never be fragmented again. To proceed with the download, just go to the dedicated page and search for the executor that best suits your needs. Complete the operation and proceed with the appropriate configuration, you will have the perfect program for your needs.