Will the next Android 15 be an OS for inexperienced users? Judging by what is in its code, the robot will become very user friendly.

Being able to use a smartphone is not complicated. But it is nevertheless clear that the younger generations and those who are more accustomed to dealing with technology are able to find what they need in a much shorter time.

Android 15 looks to the elderly – Sjbeez

Android is not a difficult mobile operating system to learn, and the main commands are accessible in just a few taps. However, according to an in-depth analysis of the first beta of the new Android 14, there seems to be a need to create something even simpler to accommodate those users who don’t know much about how these objects work.

For those who are not too good and belong to the so-called third age, there are smartphones made specifically for this, with large buttons and few functions, but it is clear that the robot also wants those users. And this is why we are working on the new simplified Android both for those who have difficulty navigating the tech world and for those with vision problems.

Android 15 within everyone’s reach with new smartphones

Whenever you develop an operating system or simply think about a function, what you do is have the average user for that function in mind. And the average user certainly more often than not is someone who knows how to navigate the menus. But Android developers seem to have taken a path where there is room even for those who are not too familiar with the technology.

New features of Android 15 discovered for less savvy users – Sjbeez

Within the first beta of Android 14 qpr3, i.e. the new version of Android 14 which will arrive in June, some code strings have made their entry that talk about a new “Easy preset” function. What we read in the code is that "East preset optimizes to improve readability and ease of navigation".

And it also "improves readability by enlarging icons and text, adding contrast and bold text, and navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen." What this new function could actually mean, which was probably introduced in June on Android 14 and will then be included in the new Android 15, is still difficult to imagine but there are those who associate it with Material You, the latest innovation in robot interface design concept.

While waiting to have this simplified mode there are some things you can do to make navigation easier for the elderly or those who don’t like technology. First of all, you can enlarge the font on all incarnations of Android to make it more readable.

For example, Samsungs have an easy mode. A further step is to delete unnecessary apps, so that the user does not get lost within the menus. Even if they are convenient, for you at least, it is better to eliminate gesture commands. Finally, you could install a Launcher by choosing those designed specifically for the elderly with very large and easy-to-see icons.