Wearable in hype in 2024, more and more users are using ‘smart rings’: partly for aesthetics but above all for their functions.

Ever since wearables built a market segment around them, the smartwatch has always been the reference wearable, the most purchased, a true watch 2.0. More convenient than a smartphone, it is always attached to your body, it costs much less than a mobile phone, the battery lasts longer. And it has tons of features.

The forecasts say it: the wearable of 2024 will be the smart ring – Sjbeez 20240208

But its leadership risks being strongly questioned by another wearable, identifiable in the ‘smart rings’ or the ‘smart rings’ for xenophiles. A compact device that combines mobile technology with many and increasingly important features for convenient use on the move.

They are wearables generally designed to fit on a finger like a traditional ring, they won’t have an ok display, but first of all they are beautiful to look at and then they have very important functions that allow you to do many things. A real turning point.

Economical and multi-functional: the most important features of ‘smart rings’

They offer features that in some ways you don’t expect, such as mobile payments. But also access control, gestures and activity monitoring. Smart rings can connect to smartphones or other devices, and some can even work independently, communicating with cloud-based systems or performing autonomous tasks. They respond to contextual cues, such as proximity to payment terminals or specific gestures.

‘Smart rings’ from around 35 euros to just over 200, with lots of choice – Sjbeez

According to forecasts, they will be the most hyped wearable of 2024. Why? Samsung took care of catalyzing attention on smart rings, following the tradition that has seen the South Korean giant increasingly in the forefront for wearables, just think of the Galaxy Gear, one of the first smartwatches in circulation, released even 11 years ago.

The Galaxy Ring present at its Unpacked event in which the Samsung Galaxy S24 were announced confirms the trend of multi-functions on smart rings, signaling an important expansion for health monitoring, abundantly satisfying all four macro-areas of interest : activity, nutrition, sleep and stress. While waiting to find out the date (in the second half of 2024) and price, there is no shortage of offers: starting from 36 euros for the Jakom R5 up to around 221 euros for the Noise Luna Ring.