Do you need to insert a video that appears superimposed within the Instagram and Tik Tok reels? Here’s how you have to do it.

Nowadays, social networks are what reflect us the most. We share images of ourselves, videos of our best moments, our work, our emotions and the things that make us laugh or reflect the most. And we love sharing them, and understanding the reactions of those who approach our contents.

Insert black video overlay on Instagram and Tik Tok reels – Sjbeez

And we always try to do it in the best possible way, so that their diffusion can be better and of good quality. Among the most used social networks there are certainly Instagram and Tik Tok. But if we wanted to quickly insert a video overlay on a reel, how can we do it? Everything is very simple: here is the procedure to follow in just a few steps.

How to share an overlay video in IG and Tik Tok reels

Tik Tok and Instagram now have a truly scary number of users. The amount of videos and reels shared every day is impressive, and you can really waste hours without realizing it, just standing there scrolling and watching the content you like most. But we ourselves are often also the creators of content, and sometimes we need to insert overlay videos in our reels.

Instagram and Tik Tok: the trick to insert superimposed videos into reels – Sjbeez

Maybe we need to show a before and after, a comparison, or a walkthrough while showcasing a product, or because we just like to do it. The method to do this is extremely simple and quick: all you need to do is import the first clip via Cap Cut. Below that is an Overlay button, click it.

Once we click on the Overlay footer button, we can choose the video we need to appear. Once selected, the two videos will appear below each other. If you click on it it will open in full screen, otherwise you can resize it with two fingers to your liking. This way, you will see both videos.

Once done, by selecting the clip of interest, you can further modify it: you can calibrate the color and speed, the sound, apply filters, and many other options. Once finished, all you have to do is go ahead and complete the publication and the two videos will be played together, one of which will be superimposed.