In recent months, a popular TV series has garnered many more ratings than "The Office," taking the throne away from TV’s most famous paper company.

In a twist that few could have predicted, the throne of the most-watched TV series in the US streaming landscape, long held by a beloved sitcom, was recently defeated. The competition between streaming television series has always been fierce, but seeing a giant like “The Office” lose the lead is certainly a significant moment. But which show had the charm needed to accomplish such a feat?

"The Office" has been the most watched TV series in the world for years (Photo YouTube Suits Official) – Sjbeez

"The Office," an American adaptation of the British series of the same name, enjoyed uninterrupted success from its debut in 2005 until its epilogue in 2013. With a unique mix of humor and satire, it has become a pop culture cornerstone, maintaining constant popularity even after the end of the broadcasts thanks to its availability on streaming platforms such as Netflix and Hulu. Its previous record, in terms of total minutes watched in a single year, seemed almost unreachable.

A legend steals the record from another legend: the curious case of the most watched TV series in the world

The new champion that has knocked "The Office" from its pedestal is "Suits", the legal drama that follows the events of a group of New York lawyers. Surprisingly, "Suits" has amassed 57.7 billion total minutes of viewing in 2023, narrowly surpassing "The Office's" record of 57.1 billion minutes logged in 2020. This is impressive, considering "Suits" ended in 2019 and which found a new life and a new audience on Netflix, although it was already available on Peacock without enjoying particular success.

"Suits", in 2023, was the protagonist of renewed popularity (Photo YouTube Suits Official) – Sjbeez

The revival of "Suits" on Netflix has been a decidedly curious event, with the series dominating the Nielsen ratings for 12 consecutive weeks, an unprecedented achievement that surprised critics and fans alike. Not only did it break "The Office" record, it also set a new standard for streaming success, proving that even series that ended years ago can find new life and reach new heights thanks to the breadth and variety of streaming platforms. today’s streams.

The performance of "Suits" is even more remarkable in a year in which no original series produced exclusively for streaming platforms managed to crack the top 10 most watched, dominated by acquired titles such as "NCIS," "Grey’s Anatomy" and "Cocomelon". This data underlines the public’s continued preference for consolidated and beloved series, in a context in which new original titles struggle to emerge.