The new Nvidia RTX 4080 Super graphics cards have finally arrived in Italy, and they are already on sale. Here’s where to buy them.

If you are a gaming enthusiast and have decided to focus on a latest generation PC to assemble, then you should find out which are the most advanced technical specifications on the market and which can guarantee you the best value for money. The sector in question is experiencing a period of continuous evolution, and does not seem to want to stop.

Today you can already find Nvidia’s RTX 4080 Super on sale – photo via MSI

In particular, speaking of graphics cards, there are several companies that are working on new components that could see the light as early as 2024. There is one in particular that is among the most anticipated ever and is finally available in Italy too with a super discount. Here’s what it is, what its features are and where you need to buy it to save a lot on the final cost.

Nvidia RTX 4080 Super in Italy with the discount: here’s where to buy it

If you are looking for a top-of-the-range graphics card but at the same time would like to save on the final cost to be able to assemble your dream gaming PC, then Nvidia’s RTX 4080 Super is what you need. Recently, it was put on sale for the Italian market at a competitive price and much lower than the list price.

Where to buy the 4080 Super at a discount – photo via MSI

Based on the AD103 GPU, this new RTX 4080 Super has the advantage over the basic version in the presence of 10240 CUDA Cores. All with 2295 and 2550 MHz, frequencies that are slightly higher than the 4080. At VRAM level you still have the classic 16 GB of GDDR6 connected at 256 bit, with the memory set at 23 Gbps. Which leads to a bandwidth of 736 GB/s. It does not change the TGP of the card, of 320 W.

But the real highlight is speed. According to what Nvidia reports, in fact, making a comparison between the Super and the basic version you can see a performance improvement of 40% without Frame Generation. If you are interested, the advice is to buy it on Amazon at the minimum guaranteed price. In fact, you can find it with a super discount compared to the 1300 euro price list for the basic RTX 4080. And not only that, because for just 40 euros more you can get the white version. There is also the AMP Extreme Air, which offers an AIR optimized design so you can get the most out of the GPU in terms of performance.