Migrating data from Android to iOS is a very delicate process, which must be approached with the right tools and awareness of the risks.

Are you finally making the big leap from Android to iOS? For many people, buying an Apple device means finally embracing a user experience that is totally different from what Android smartphones offer, and this makes the transition full of expectations and a hint of anxiety. In fact, there is a crucial step that many overlook, risking losing valuable data.

Here’s the trick to transfer everything from Android to iOS

There was a time, in the early years of the diffusion of these tools, when transferring files from an Android device to one with iOS as the operating system could turn into a real odyssey. Fortunately, today there are tools to do this safely and quite efficiently, but you still need to be careful to follow the right steps, or you risk losing a precious trove of data.

An incredibly efficient and easy to use tool

Before diving into the technical specifics, it’s crucial to highlight the importance of preparation. Make sure your Android device has at least 75% charge and is connected to a stable Wi-Fi network. Also, take inventory of the data you plan to transfer and make sure your new iPhone has enough space to accommodate it.

Here’s how to switch from Android to iOS without losing anything

In recent years, a fundamental transfer app has become widely available and can be downloaded on all Android smartphones. We are talking about "Switch to iOS", a tool specially developed by Apple that greatly facilitates the transfer of your data. However, many don’t realize that this step needs to be done before setting up your new iPhone.

If you turn on your new Apple device and begin setup without using Switch to iOS, you might end up in a tricky situation where the only way to use the app would be to reset your device to factory settings. First of all, you need to make sure you are on the iPhone’s initial setup screen, the one that greets the user in different languages.

At this point, on your Android device, you need to download the Move to iOS app from the Google Play Store and follow the steps to grant the necessary permissions. On the iPhone you must continue with the configuration until you find the “Transfer data from Android” option. At this moment it is essential to correctly enter the code displayed on the Android smartphone.

However, if for some reason you cannot use "Switch to iOS", all is not lost. You can always resort to transferring data via your Google account or using flash drives compatible with both Android and iOS devices. However, these alternatives may not be as simple and straightforward.