The Spotify app is widely used by music lovers, but what happens if there is no connection? Here’s how to download the songs.

Technology has also involved music in its important evolution. Today with Spotify it is possible to listen to any song you prefer in a few moments and at any time. The streaming application requires a connection to the Wi-Fi network or your SIM.

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You don’t always have the possibility of connecting to a Wi-Fi network or being able to consume the traffic of your offer, effectively remaining without music. In reality, there are solutions that can overcome the problem, allowing you to continue listening to music even without a connection.

How to download songs from Spotify: the guide to follow

By subscribing to a paid subscription you can download music from Spotify in just a few seconds, so as not to have any problems if the network fails. Let’s go into details to better understand how to download songs from the well-known streaming platform.

The guide to enjoy Spotify music even when you are offline – ()

The free use of the Spotify app does not allow you to download any music. The situation is different if you have one of the plans offered by the platform, at that moment there is greater freedom of action which solves the problem of the possible absence of connection to the network. To download music from Spotify there are various options to consider: downloading it from albums, playlists or songs we have ‘liked’.

As regards albums and playlists, you can proceed by selecting the “Your library” item from the main application screen and pressing the “Album” or “Playlist” buttons. Based on what you want to download, you select the relevant content with a simple click. The app makes things easier thanks to the presence of the “Search” function, reachable with the icon in the bottom bar.

Inside the album or playlist you need to press the down arrow icon to download the songs from the list. Alternatively you can press the three dots icon and select the “Download” item. You can also carry out the same procedure for songs placed among favourites.

To listen to music without using the internet, just go to the main screen by pressing the profile picture at the top right. Immediately afterwards click on “Settings and privacy” and move the lever to ON and vice versa “Offline mode” in the “Playback” section. Here you will have the opportunity to download the songs also under the SIM network with the item "Download with data".