Do you really know everything you can do on Spotify? These hidden features change your experience and are all worth trying.

Among the services that offer 24/7 music streaming, Spotify is a real point of reference for a large part of the world’s population. In fact, the way we listen to music is now very different than before and there is now a greater need to always have something new at hand rather than always listening to the same songs.

Spotify without secrets, everything you need to know – Sjbeez

Spotify therefore allows you to create playlists, search for music based on your current mood, discover new and different songs and singers in line with your musical tastes. And then there’s the famous annual recap that tells you everything you’ve done and everything you’ve listened to and liked.

But even perhaps the most frequent users do not know all the secrets of the platform. Did you know for example that you can change the playback quality? Find a playlist you deleted? Organize the same playlists within folders? Have a bedtime timer? These are just some of the hidden features of the app and they are all worth trying.

What you can really do using Spotify

We have mentioned some of the functions that are a little more hidden but which instead make using the most famous music streaming app in the world very convenient. For example, managing playlists helps to have a tidier experience. But did you know that you can organize a shared playlist through the Jam function? To share your songs with your friends you need to start playing a song and then open the options menu and select Start jam.

How well do you know Spotify? – Sjbeez

By making your phone communicate with your friends’ phones, through the NFC connection, you can share what you are listening to and let others add other songs. What if instead of sharing with someone who is there with you, you would like to share a piece of the song you like with the world? While the song flows you can see the lyrics and share them on social media using the integrated function.

Still talking about sharing, because in the end Spotify is like a giant social network, you can make others listen to your favorite song by creating the QR code of the song with the waveform. You can find this function in the options menu under the three dots of the song. You will realize that under the cover of the song there is the waveform code.

To save it and send it to others, tap it and download it to your phone. To recover the song you will then have to start a search within the app, select the camera mode and frame the code. On the other end of the Spotify experience spectrum is incognito mode – did you know you can disappear without your friends knowing what you were listening to?

Open the menu at the top right corner of Spotify and start the private session. To make sure you are in private listening mode you will need to make sure you see the padlock icon and if you want to go back to listening and being listened to go back to the same menu and deactivate incognito mode.