It may happen that you accidentally delete the “Settings” app, how to solve this problem? Here is the solution to follow.

Daily smartphone activity can suddenly manifest small errors, which only appear to be unsolvable. We know the importance of the “Settings” app and seeing it disappear can give rise to a few moments of concern.

What to do if the "Settings" app is deleted? – ()

The “Settings” app provides truly important help to the user, because precisely in that section of the smartphone there are various items useful for establishing a certain behavior of the device. In the settings you can control the battery, applications, updates and much more. In short, it is a control center to be referred to several times.

Using the smartphone is very often rapid and a few unwanted taps can bring out a situation of this type. As with many technological problems, here too there is a solution to know and which will solve the problem in a few seconds: let’s go and see it.

How to restore suddenly deleted "Settings" app

The smartphone experience is characterized by the installation and deletion of apps, but there are some that are part of the device and help the user in daily use such as “Settings”. Generally, this app is never deleted by users but it may happen, for various reasons, that it is deleted and it is not found in the classic position.

The steps to follow to restore the "Settings" app – ()

The tech world allows us to always have solutions to problems that may arise. In this specific case, simply restore the layout to find the shortcut that leads to the settings back in its position. To find the app you need to open the search bar on your phone and type the word “Settings”.

After completing the term, the reference app will appear which must be selected, holding down the icon, and dragging it to the home screen to restore it completely. In a few seconds, everything will return to how it was before and you can reuse the app as usual. As we can see, the solution that allows you to get the “Settings” app back on your home screen is really very simple to follow.

The steps described can also work for all native apps on the device because the internal search provides complete and in-depth control over the apps present. In short, from now on deleting the “Settings” section of the device will no longer be a problem and this will guarantee users that no worries arise in the event of some trouble. You can therefore play or put your smartphone in the hands of the little ones: they will hardly cause any trouble from this point of view.