Galaxy 24, false start: first problems for Samsung’s new smartphones: alarming users, they don’t work with other devices.

It’s now common practice. There are those who no longer pay attention to it, and those who immediately report it if it weren’t for the fact that they spent a lot of money on it. Apple users know something about the false start of the iPhone 15, plagued by the infamous problem of excessive overheating.

Samsung, the newly released Galaxy S24s create problems – photo source: – Sjbeez

Maybe it’s because of the rush of almost necessarily having to release one device a year (very often, as in the case of Samsung, too similar to the previous one yet with a higher price, see the Galaxy S24 Ultra specifically), or because the tech world it is so vast that it cannot work perfectly all at once upon release. Will be.

But a few days after the distribution of Samsung’s top range series, the first problems emerge regarding the three Samsung Galaxy S24s, they are too advanced in their technology to work with other devices. The echo of users’ alarm spreads globally.

The Galaxy S24 does not work on Android Auto. And Samsung takes action: here’s what needs to be done

The Samsung Galaxy S24s are causing quite a bit of discussion, even internally rethinking the iconic phrase by Lee Jae-yong, president of the South Korean giant, according to which the new top-of-the-range smartphones would be “worse than iPhones”. A shocking but truthful sentence in a certain sense.

Samsung, the three new Galaxy S24 – photo font: – Sjbeez

Samsung has launched its new flagship line essentially with one big innovation compared to the past, the new AI features, daughters of a generative Artificial Intelligence that completely changes the concept of mobile phones, towards a new era. However, many Samsung customers expressed their discontent through reports that soon turned into a real alarm.

The Galaxy S24s are experiencing problems with Android Auto, they simply don’t work. The confirmation comes directly from Samsung. Who acknowledged the technical problems, ensuring that the problem concerns some cars and not the series itself, or Google’s software.

On its support page, Samsung UK noted that some SEAT, Skoda and Volkswagen owners have reported experiencing issues with Android Auto on the Galaxy S24. Apparently, it would be these brands that are unable to project the platform’s screen onto their infotainment units.

However, the problem seems to be quite widespread in those cars, which is why Samsung UK even had to create a separate support page, specifically for this problem: all the steps that users must follow to resolve the situation are written there, waiting for the three car manufacturers release a software update.