A great announcement that Samsung has made, ready to revolutionize the tech world once again. Here are all the details.

Technological progress has decided to press on the accelerator and in no time at all, humans and robots could soon find themselves sharing the same daily life. Although certainly smaller in size, this is something that is already happening but that Samsung has decided to take to the next level. The Korean company’s announcement has already shaken its competitors.

Samsung and AI, the news is surprising – Computer.idea.it

It will be a 2024 to be experienced and a 2025 under the banner of science fiction for technology enthusiasts and also for all the others who, no matter how much they feel excluded from certain conversations, from now on they will no longer be able to escape from artificial intelligence and the its development.

The future of mankind appears increasingly destined to merge with that of AI. Definitely divisive news today, but one that will necessarily make everyone agree one day. Also thanks to Samsung, the world will soon take a further leap towards the future.

Samsung and artificial intelligence, the future has already begun

If smartphones seemed like the most exciting invention of the new millennium, today certain devices already appear to us like toys belonging to prehistory. For this reason, to make the new models increasingly efficient and in step with the times, the Japanese giant has seen fit to invest in the development of its own artificial intelligence. The software that will soon be installed in new cell phones is called Galaxy AI and has already been launched on the market, obtaining mostly positive feedback.

Artificial intelligence in Samsung, Galaxy AI arrives – (Photo: Ansa)

Especially since it’s a free integration that will remain free for some time to come. The latest talks about the free Galaxy AI until 2025, only to then make changes in view of 2026. A year that could be the turning point for the human race. Galaxy AI, about to be installed on over 100 million devices, will very soon become even more powerful with ever-new features and this will inevitably require extra expenses for users who choose to still rely on the famous product.

In short, the next few years are already written: AI will be an increasingly integral part of our daily lives and the daily lives of our loved ones. The hope is that all this can really serve to make the world a better place to live in. The next few years will be fundamental in these respects.