Thanks to this smartphone app, you can personalize the photos of your contacts by adding backgrounds and filters: here’s how.

Total customization is one of the aspects on which the various big tech companies operating in the smartphone sector are focusing most. With projects that start from the operating systems themselves, which can boast increasingly advanced features and which give end consumers the opportunity to make their devices one of a kind. And for the more creative, the tools are practically infinite.

Contact photos on iPhone, so you can create personalized ones

Apple’s latest update to iOS 17 for iPhones was recently the talk of the town. Which among other things, introduced the so-called Posters. That is, ways of creating a personalized contact card, visible to all our contacts who call us or are called. But what if we told you that from today you can do the same not only for your number, but also for that of your friends, relatives and partners? Here’s the app to download now, it’s fantastic.

The app to personalize the photos of your contacts: what it is and how it works

Thanks to this convenient app available for iPhone, you will be able to personalize the photos of your contacts in just a few moments. Going to add backgrounds and filters created specifically and which you should try immediately. By doing so, you will be able to enjoy a total custom mode and always recognize who is calling you with an alternative system that is very nice to look at.

Use this app to personalize your contact photos on iPhone

The app in question is called Contact Photo, and you can easily find it by accessing the iPhone App Store. Once you have downloaded it, you will be able to open a new screen for creating the Poster of your favorite contact. With the possibility of choosing a background from the many offered by default and adding a photo of the person by searching for it in the Gallery. This will automatically be cut out, so that it will rest perfectly in the background.

And that’s not all, because there are also interesting tools for adding the contact’s name, frames to the sides of the photo and so on. You can really indulge yourself to create the perfect photo that you can then use. After completing the various operations, tap Save and return to the iPhone home.

Now open Phone, go to Contacts and scroll until you find the one you are interested in. Open it, click on Edit and then Edit Photo. Here you can upload your project from the Gallery, so that when you call this person – or they call you – you will have the poster you designed with Contact Photo in front of you.