They sent you a PDF file and it’s inconvenient to manage? In one click, remove the pages you don’t need but pay attention to the correct procedure.

Files in PDF format are very convenient when you need to exchange documents that don’t require major changes but can be complex if, for example, you want to change some information such as the order in which the pages appear or the very presence of some pages.

Quick solution to delete pages from a PDF file – Sjbeez

All software that is designed to manage PDF files can help you delete pages you don’t need but you need to know how to do it and above all how to prepare the file before opening it. So let’s see what the procedure recommended by Adobe is and a convenient free alternative, which does not force you to install anything, to obtain the same result and modify your files before sending them or before printing.

How to manage PDF files and delete unwanted pages

The PDF format is a widely used format for text documents that must travel over the network and must do so in such a way that the recipient can read the entire text without the formatting being influenced in any way. In fact, you can imagine these files as a sort of digital print on which you can do very little if you don’t have the right tools. One of the things you can do is actually delete some pages.

Edit PDF files in just a few clicks – Sjbeez

The management system for this type of file created by Adobe is Acrobat and allows for example to modify the order of the pages, changing their organization. If you have Adobe Acrobat what you need to do is open the program, open the file and then expand the Edit section menu. To reorganize pages, rotate them, move them, add new ones or delete some what you need is the item found under All tools and Organize pages.

The screen is quite intuitive and allows you to work on each individual page. Once you have made the changes, all you have to do is save the file. But it is important to keep in mind that the modification can only be made if you are authorized to do this. To find out if the file is protected in some way and therefore you cannot modify it you need to check the document properties.

You can always do this within Acrobat by opening the general menu. But what can you do if you have received a file and you don’t have Acrobat available on your PC? You can use the Adobe Acrobat service online or choose one of the many alternatives that are available and which allow you to work on PDFs in many different ways.

One of the most complete websites from this point of view is I love PDF, which not only allows you to modify, adding or removing pages, but also for example inserting a signature, performing an OCR scan, transforming the PDF into various other document formats including Word and Excel.