The best and worst of the newly released Apple Vision Pro: immediately a problem for those who bought it. Here’s what happens.

We have already seen everything about the Vision Pro. The best of a product that is as innovative as it is very expensive, revolutionary in itself, compared with due distinction to the first Mac or iPhone, with crazy features, primarily that visualization of interactive digital environments with which you can it can interact in the real world, as if our smartphone displays had a life of their own in the space around us, remotely controlled.

Apple Vision Pro, false start – Sjbeez

Beyond a product that did not see all the (few) units released sell out in the days of its launch, in the United States, where it is already available, the video of a madwoman behind the wheel of a Tesla while “fiddling” with it went viral his Vision Pro. A miracle that nothing happened.

Certainly the mixed, augmented and virtual reality viewer, which perfectly blends digital content with your physical space, is something super innovative considering that it costs around $4,000 for its top version with maximum storage, but like all new products the initial dream soon becomes a nightmare, causing some malfunctions.

Apple Vision Pro, if you forget the access code it’s crazy: here’s what you have to do

Apple Vision Pro owners who forget their set passcode will need to take their device to an Apple retail location to have it reset. With everything that entails. This is the terrible discovery of Bloomberg’s well-known and credible Mark Gurman. Apparently, in fact, there is no way on the Apple device to reset a Vision Pro passcode in case you forget the default six-digit passcode.

Apple Vision Pro, it is forbidden (for now) to forget the passcode – photo source – Sjbeez

Which among other things must be entered twice, once the user has configured it, opting for a short or long passcode. Optical ID can be used in place of a passcode, but works like Face ID or Touch ID, thus required after a reboot and in certain other situations. The seriousness of the situation is that customers who have run out of memory have been told that they will have to go to the Store for a repair, the alternative is to send the headphones to Apple.

Like Apple’s iOS devices, in fact, the incorrect access code cannot be entered too many times, otherwise the device will be disabled and we know well what happens: a waiting period that will not allow us to do anything, at least until we will have the opportunity to insert it again. Beyond the damage, however, comes the insult: removing the passcode means deleting all content on Vision Pro, without the possibility of getting your hands on it via Mac or PC.