This innovation is confirmation that the era of all-in-one computers is entering an exciting new phase.

Probably not many people have asked themselves the problem of putting an entire computer inside a mouse, but the YouTuber Electo still wanted to satisfy the curiosity of these few users and created something truly unique. The creator literally transformed a mouse into a computer and then posted the results on, attracting the attention of many consumer electronics enthusiasts.

Here is the first mouse that is also a PC – photo via Youtube Electro

The product, which boldly redefines the concept of an all-in-one computer, amazes because it is difficult to think that a complex system like the one that manages to make a computer work could fit inside a device as small as a mouse. Yet, Electo managed to create two projects of this type.

A significant technical challenge: here is the PC mouse

Assembling a complete computer into an object the size of a mouse is no small feat. Electo faced several technical challenges, especially regarding the trade-off between size and performance. His goal was clear: to create the best gaming mouse on the market. But, as often happens in technological revolutions, the path was full of compromises.

Electo’s PC-mouse is an example of how out-of-the-box ideas can open up new horizons (Photo YouTube Electo) – Sjbeez

Despite its ambition, Electo’s PC mouse doesn’t shine in terms of performance. With limited hardware, even simple games like Minecraft struggle to hit 20 FPS. On the contrary, when it comes to streaming games from another PC, this little giant shows its true potential.

Using a mouse that’s also a screen is a unique, if somewhat disorienting, experience. Imagine controlling the cursor with the same device on which it is displayed: it is a fusion of input and output that redefines human-machine interaction. Despite its limitations, Electo’s project opens the door to new possibilities in the field of personal computing.

The creator did not stop at just one project. He experimented with different configurations, integrating a PC and projector into a mini keyboard and putting a complete NUC PC into a surprisingly large PC mouse shell.

Beyond the performance, what shines through Electo’s design is the pure fun of putting together something completely new. It is proof that technological innovation can be driven by passion and creativity, as well as necessity.