Attention new bonus for students. Here’s who can benefit from it, what the request should be and how much it costs.

A new bonus for students has been established for 2024; those who have children who study know how much it can cost to support them in this circumstance but study is an essential right in our country, the future of young people who will then be the workers and professionals of the future is at stake and it is right that they train and specialize according to the their inclinations.

Are you a university student? You are entitled to the bonus-look if you can use it-Sjbeez

Unfortunately, however, in recent years the gap between those who can afford to have their children study and those who do not have the possibility has widened more and more; This is a situation not worthy of an advanced country like ours. The state has put in place scholarships and benefits for students but as we know, the blanket is short!

This new aid is being introduced this year: a bonus for university students but not for everyone. It is an important intervention by the Government, perhaps we are on the right path, even if there are still many things to do regarding Italian universities and on the other hand this also applies to schools in general in our country, which are little considered .

Let’s see together who is entitled to the bonus, the amounts paid and the procedure for requesting it.

We said that this bonus is not for all university students but only for those who are away from home, but there are many of them. Going to study far from the city of origin is part of the educational experience of children which, together with the University, will create the individuals of the future. The chosen university must be at least 100 km from the student’s residence or in any case in another province, the bonus consists of a significant deduction on the cost of rent.

If you are a student away from home you are entitled to a bonus for rent-Sjbeez

You will be able to take advantage of a 19% tax deduction on the annual rent paid for accommodation up to a maximum of 2633 euros. The deduction is structural, therefore it is recognized from year to year without the need for extensions, this year the deductions for costs incurred in 2023 will take place.

The student must have a regular rental contract and the home must be in the municipality of the university attended or in neighboring municipalities. The university can be public or private and also includes conservatories and music institutes.

To take advantage of it, the amounts for the rent must be reported in the tax return, the 19% deduction will then be applied, as we have said, up to a maximum of 2633 euros. If the student, despite being away from home, is still dependent on his parents, the deduction can be applied to their tax return.