Before you go on a trip and fill your Netflix account with downloaded movies, it’s important to consider the limitations of the platform.

Are you a fan of Netflix TV series and films and can’t wait to enjoy your next plane flight immersing yourself in the adventures of "Stranger Things" or laughing with episodes of "Friends"? You can do it easily, given that the platform allows you to download contents to watch them later when you don’t have an Internet connection. Before leaving, however, there is a crucial aspect that it would be better to know.

It is not always possible to download films from your Netflix account – Sjbeez

Netflix, since its inception, has made life easier for its subscribers by offering the possibility of downloading films and TV series for offline viewing. This feature was essential for those who often travel, especially on planes, where Wi-Fi can be expensive or non-existent. But before you hit the download button, there are some important limitations to consider.

There are several limitations to consider before downloading a Netflix movie to your device

First of all, it’s important to make sure your subscription is compatible. The number of devices on which content can be downloaded, in fact, depends on the subscription plan subscribed to: the Standard plan allows downloads on two devices, while the Premium on six.

There is a limit of titles that can be downloaded at the same time for each Netflix account – Sjbeez

For those who use the Basic plan with advertising, however, it is not permitted to download any content on any device. In addition to this, the storage memory aspect must be considered. There must be enough storage space on your device to accommodate the downloaded movies, which are usually quite large.

We then come to the various limits that Netflix applies on the download of its content. First of all, there is a general limit that applies to each user: up to 100 active titles can be downloaded simultaneously per device. This means that if there are already a good number of movies downloaded on your computer or tablet, you will have to remove some of them before you can start downloading new content.

On top of this, there is also an annual download limit per title, which varies depending on the film or TV series in question. Some titles may allow unlimited downloads, while others may have a limit of one or a few downloads per title. This limit is typically set by the studio or production company that owns the content, and Netflix must abide by these restrictions.

Finally, it must also be considered that not all the titles on the platform are also available for download. The copyrights of some films and TV series do not belong entirely to Netflix, which is therefore unable to offer them for download.