Connecting to mobile data when you’re away is important but it stops working? What may have happened and how to act immediately.

A situation that can arise again for everyone is that which concerns the mobile data connection through the smartphone which, for the most diverse reasons, could suddenly abandon you.

Smartphones and mobile data, what to do if it doesn’t work? – Sjbeez

If you’re simply spending some time in line somewhere it’s not a big problem but if you’re using the data connection to work it’s clear that you need to be able to count on all the gigabytes you pay for. The reasons why a data connection no longer works can be related to the smartphone or the network.

Depending on the type of problem there are some things you can do to fix it. For example, if the problem arises precisely from the fact that your operator is not working, you could still be able to work: in fact, more and more places, bars, restaurants and more, are offering wi-fi to customers. Not the safest solution in terms of privacy but an alternative that you should never underestimate if you are in an emergency. But let’s see what can go wrong on your mobile phone.

Why do you no longer have mobile data?

We mentioned the possibility that the network you are using is not working but it is clear that there are other problems that can occur. For example, you may have accidentally turned on airplane mode. With airplane mode the smartphone does not communicate with the outside: a quick check between the active icons can help you exclude or solve the problem.

Mobile data not working? There is a solution – Sjbeez

However, if you have not activated airplane mode, the problem could come from another service activated by mistake: roaming. Mobile data is used differently whether you are domestic or abroad, and in some countries you need to activate roaming to use it. However, this option is neither useful nor positive if you are in Italy, because it could create conflict in connection management and therefore leave you without internet even if you still have all the gigabytes available.

Another situation to keep under control is precisely the one that concerns the offer you have signed. For example, if you are in the habit of streaming content via your smartphone or if you use your smartphone’s connection as a hotspot for other devices, you may realize too late that the browsing gigabytes contained in your tariff plan are running out.

To avoid using your data and hotspot unnecessarily, always make sure to turn off the corresponding icons when you are in places where you want to use wi-fi and always check that your hotspot is password protected. Otherwise, for example if you leave it on and you are in a public place, someone could connect to your network undisturbed and exploit your gigabytes without you realizing it.