Microsoft has announced something long-awaited by users. Starting from March they will be able to carry out this fundamental operation.

The last few weeks the tech universe has seen some great movements at Microsoft. The American company has once again become the protagonist of an announcement relating to a novelty awaited by all users of their services and arriving from March 2024.

Big news coming to all Windows PCs

On devices running Windows 11, the default browser is Microsoft Edge. The American company’s operating system does not allow users any freedom regarding the choice of their favorite browser, a choice that has generated considerable annoyance among them.

From March onwards everything will change following the announcement made by the American company itself. The good news for users concerns the new Digital Markets Act (DMA), which will allow you to uninstall Edge easily: let’s find out how it works.

From March it will be possible to uninstall the Edge browser: all about Microsoft’s news

The DMA is a European Union regulation that aims to guarantee greater competition and transparency within the digital market. Microsoft has decided to align itself with this regulation and offer users in Europe greater control over default applications.

Microsoft users will be able to uninstall Edge and other native applications – Facebook photo: MicrosoftEdge – ()

Starting from March 6, 2024, Windows 10 (22H2) and Windows 11 (23H2) updates will allow users to uninstall Microsoft Edge and other native applications, such as Photos, Bing and many others. This new option will give users greater freedom of choice, which will allow them to have the platforms they like most on their device.

It should be remembered, however, that Windows 11 already allows you to delete more native applications than version 10 of the system. However, it must be highlighted that, despite the annoyance at the lack of freedom of action, Microsoft Edge has advantages that should not be underestimated at all. It currently occupies a 13% share of the desktop browser market, and is a serious competitor to Chrome.

Inside there is Copilot, a search engine entirely based on Artificial Intelligence. However, in addition to the DMA, there is the possibility that with the Moment 5 update of Windows 11, scheduled for 2025, users can permanently remove Edge.

The update could introduce the choice of default browser during the installation of Windows 11, without any need to change the appropriate settings. In short, over the next few months users will have greater freedom of action, which will allow them to use and set the browser they prefer.