If you have a Mac PC there is an easy way to speed up video editing and merge two different videos in just a few clicks. Try and be amazed.

If you need to manage a social profile or you have a channel on YouTube or you have recorded your cousin’s wedding with your smartphone and you want to start working by putting together the various video fragments, what you need to do is equip yourself with the necessary software to carry out video editing.

Video editing on Mac for free? Yes it can. Try – Sjbeez

In the Mac environment, there are many alternatives both among paid software, the most famous and renowned ones for example the Adobe suite, and among free and open source software which over time have developed versions specifically designed for the Apple ecosystem .

But the idea of ​​starting from scratch and learning how to use these programs (which are very useful but also very complicated if you’re in a hurry) scares you. You might then think about switching to something found on your smartphone. But how complicated is it to edit by touching the screen with your fingers? If your PC is a Mac you can actually start working without downloading anything other than what is on the machine by default. Let’s see how.

How to do video editing on Mac in an instant

If you have decided to buy a Mac PC, you already have a tool for working that is extremely similar to what professionals use in production studios. All you need to do is install some suitable program for the purpose, for example Adobe After Effect, to start your own film studio. But if you’ve ever seen a tutorial about Adobe After Effect, you may have been surprised and shocked by the amount of menus, control panels, options and things to learn.

You’ll love this video trick on Mac – Sjbeez

None of this actually interests you because what you would like to do is just combine the various clips of a video you shot to surprise someone. Luckily, your Mac computer has everything you need to help you stitch together pieces of video. And with a touch and a click. The procedure must obviously provide that both videos, or all videos, that you want to merge are on the machine.

Open the folder they are in and choose the one you want to start from. Open it using QuickTime, if it is not the default app for opening videos you can open the drop-down menu with the mouse and choose the software from the various options. Once you have opened the video with QuickTime, set it aside for a second and return to the folder where the other videos are located.

Touch one with the mouse and drag it as if you wanted to take it out of the folder and into QuickTime. The moment the video icon touches the QuickTime screen the magic begins. The software places the second video after the first on the timeline and thus allows you to have them one after the other. Repeat the operation for all the videos and then save the one you created with a new name.