LumaFusion promises to revolutionize the way content creators of all kinds make, edit and share their projects.

LumaFusion, the video editing app that redefined the rules of mobile editing, updates on Android with a series of innovative features that further raise the level of professional video editing. This update is a great opportunity for Android users because it brings the editing experience closer to that offered on iOS and introduces advanced tools that were awaited with great interest by the community.

One of the best video editing apps recently updated – Sjbeez

Among the most striking innovations stands out the introduction of Scopes, a function that radically transforms the color workflow, allowing editors to make color corrections with unprecedented precision. This feature ensures that every color change is immediately visible and perfectly aligned with the editor’s creative vision, ensuring high-quality results on any display.

Video editing is becoming more and more powerful and accessible to the general public

Scopes is already a very popular tool among Apple device users and now it also offers Android users the ability to refine their videos with configurable histograms, waveforms and vectorscopes viewable in real time. The update, however, clearly does not stop here.

This update represents an important step for LumaFusion and for video editing on mobile devices – Sjbeez

LumaFusion has also improved the workflow for pre-setting titles, making it faster and easier for users to insert text into their projects. Audio import and export have also been optimized, along with blending methods for working with opacity. These improvements, combined with improvements to voiceovers, external drive editing, and library previews, make the experience smoother and more intuitive than ever.

The version of LumaFusion for Android and Chrome OS, available from November 2022 in beta and from February last year in stable version, will therefore receive these updates inspired by the feedback from the vast community of users, which also testify to the app’s desire to offer an uncompromising editing experience, regardless of the platform you use.

With a price of 27.99 euros on the Play Store and 29.99 euros on the App Store, LumaFusion confirms itself as one of the most powerful and accessible video editing apps on the market. The arrival of Scopes and other improvements makes it a real pocket video editing studio, capable of satisfying the needs of the most demanding video makers.