IT Wallet should make its debut on the IO app during this year: let’s find out what it is, how it works and when it will be active.

Digitalisation involves every possible sector, even that which concerns the relationship between citizens and institutions. In this scenario, IT Wallet comes into play, the Italian version of the European Digital Identity Wallet, which should be made active during 2024.

IT Wallet is ready to debut on the IO app – App logo photo: Facebook IOitaliait – ()

After a few months we return to talking about the digital wallet that will be implemented in the IO app. The latter is a platform that aims to integrate all public services in order to allow citizens a quick and intuitive experience with public administration.

In this way the citizen is placed at the center of the public service network. Among the various options present in the IO app, the one relating to the IT Wallet should be added. Given the intense work surrounding this option, it is appropriate to understand how it works and when it will arrive: let’s get into the merits.

IT Wallet coming to the IO app: what you need to know about the digital wallet

The Department’s plan for digital transformation includes three phases, one of which is expected by June 30th, or at the latest by September. On various occasions, the current executive has underlined the need to make digital identities clearer. In particular, the focus was on the SPID as it is managed by private companies and expensive for the state coffers.

All useful information on the IT Wallet – Facebook photo: IOitaliait – ()

To start the testing of IT Wallet, however, a specific law decree will be needed. Approval was expected during the last Council of Ministers, but the topic was not explored in depth. The first phase should start at the end of June, although it is likely to be postponed to September, and involves the inclusion of the disability card and health card in the digital wallet.

In the second phase you can add the identity card. Only in the third phase will it be possible to add the voter card, driving license and passport. Other documents will subsequently be digitized, including professional licenses and educational qualifications. Certain digital wallets will be available for a fee to private businesses and professionals.

The only problem is that IT Wallet will not be fully exploited by older citizens, unless help comes from children, grandchildren or accountants. At the same time, logging into the app has been simplified with access can be done once a year rather than every 30 days.