Buying a new smartphone these days is never an easy task. The most powerful of the year have, however, been identified.

Talking about smartphones nowadays is always something particularly complex. There are many, too many, situations, elements and reflections to take into consideration in relation to this specific theme. Nowadays, the mobile device itself no longer represents an accessory that can be defined as somehow supporting everyday life, no.

2024 ranking of the best smartphones – Sjbeez

Today, the smartphone represents something that fully identifies with everyday life itself, something absolutely unique in its kind, considering the importance it has now achieved. The smartphone, today, constantly connected all hours of the day, a function guaranteed by any tariff plan, represents, like it or not, the daily tool that allows the user to start the day, manage it, organize it, fill it.

Let’s think about it for a moment, we organize trips, trips, purchases, we think about leisure, entertainment, in short, everything. Today, buying a new smartphone inevitably leads to a series of careful reflections. At this stage, the citizen wants the best, nothing else.

If you want a smartphone without limits you have to choose between these: the suggestions from the network

Buying a smartphone today also means looking for all kinds of information about the various characteristics of the models that are currently the market leaders. A specific web platform, “AnTuTu”, examined the characteristics of ten smartphones with the Android operating system, trying to understand which of these could be considered the best. The survey in question was also conducted by examining the most popular smartphones today.

Survey of the best mobile phones of 2024 – Sjbeez

As regards the beginning of this 2024, the model that can be considered in all respects, among those characterized by the Android operating system, the most complete and powerful of all is the Red Magic 9 Pro. The other positions are occupied respectively from: Vivo X100 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, Galaxy S24+, Galaxy S24, Xiaomi 13, Galaxy S23 Ultra and Galaxy S23+.

The special ranking shows the smartphone models that should absolutely be purchased if you find yourself in the situation of wanting or having to change mobile device. The smartphone is now an integral part of everyone’s lives, it is difficult to say otherwise.

Every element, every aspect, now goes through a sort of elaboration, in-depth analysis, necessarily goes through the smartphone. Every person has a smartphone and if you are thinking of buying a new one, then this ranking that we have just drawn up can help you try to narrow the circle of possibilities.