A section of Silent Hill Short Message is causing some problems for gamers: here’s the code that no one can find.

At the State of Play which took place last January 31st everyone was expecting news on Silent Hill 2 Remake. In addition to a short video relating to the combat system, Konami surprised gamers with Silent Hill Short Message, a completely free title that can be downloaded in the console store.

In Silent Hill Short Message there is an unobtainable code – Photo PlayStation – ()

Silent Hill Short Message represents a small taste of the direction taken by the Japanese company on this important brand. The title is linked to a gameplay based on environmental interaction to collect clues and continue with the plot. But one section in particular is causing some problems for gamers.

A locker in Silent Hill Short Message is closed with a padlock into which a code must be entered. Finding the correct numbers to open the padlock, however, is not easy, but now everything will be solved because thanks to this guide you will be able to discover the right code.

Silent Hill Short Message locker code: how to find out

In Silent Hill Short Message we find Anita and her journey through childhood and adolescent problems. As the story progresses, an increasingly turbulent context emerges which will tend to surprise the gamer. One of the settings into which the protagonist will be catapulted during chapter 2 is the school.

What is the code for the Silent Hill school locker Short Message – Photo PlayStation – ()

In the school there is a long corridor made of lockers, with one in particular having to be unlocked with a four-digit code. Opening the locker will shed light on the relationship between Anita and her closest friends. The combination to open the lock may be a little difficult to find, although with a little concentration it is possible to find the four digits needed to solve the puzzle.

These are painted inside the corridor, but before they emerge the gamer must interact with the desk and then with the cabinet. After performing these two steps, the four digits will become evident. The first digit is painted above the door on the opposite side to where the players enter and is a shaded "0". The second is on the roof and is a “3” painted in red, the third figure is on the edge of the wall near the fountain and is a “1”.

The last one is a blue "2" and is located on the opposite side to the first digit. In the end, the code to open the locker is "0312". By entering this code, the locker will open and allow Anita to access the contents inside her, which will allow her to have an even clearer view of her journey.