The device is ready to surprise again, web users have not missed the detail. Obviously it wasn’t placed there by chance.

Among the most welcome surprises of CES 2024 which was held in Las Vegas is certainly Rabbit R1, the new device that promises a totally new experience to users. It is a tool ready to revolutionize the world of portable devices forever, making the most of the potential of artificial intelligence. During the presentation, only a few of the functions that will be made available were shown. Curiosity grows as the days go by, waiting for the release on the market.

It should land in Europe at the end of July, hype skyrocketing for the release of Rabbit R1 – Sjbeez (photo source YT @rabbit)

In this regard, there is news on the products booked. According to the rumors leaking from the internet, in fact, anyone who has already pre-ordered the Rabbit R1 will have it delivered to their home by the end of July this year. Not much time left, to pass the time, someone loops the interview with the founder and CEO of rabbit inc., Jesse Lyu, where he reveals his secrets – among the questions also the one about the mysterious analogue wheel.

What is that analog wheel for? Rabbit R1’s ‘secret’ feature revealed by creator

A long chat between blogger Jason Calacanis and Jesse Lyu, founder and CEO of rabbit inc, the company that will soon launch its revolutionary device on the market. It will be called Rabbit R1, after the presentation at CES in Las Vegas the hype skyrocketed. To talk about it, examining all the details of the topic, the face to face meeting was a must.

Under the Rabbit R1 camera there is an analogue wheel, its (hypothetical) function revealed by the creator – Sjbeez (photo source YT @Rabbit)

Numerous aspects regarding the mysterious object have been clarified which promises to make the most of the potential of AI. What intrigued tech enthusiasts in particular was the analogue wheel, its function is revealed by Lyu himself: "We are working on different ideas. I can’t say much more, but I can go into detail about a scenario we’ve been working on for some time: using the wheel to unlock the device.”

The revolution lies in the total absence of text, replaced instead by “physical interactions”, the creator defined it as an “atypical touch”. Meanwhile, the wait is growing, users can’t wait to get their hands on it; in Europe we will have to wait at least until the end of July.