Incredible Google news: an extraordinary function which however is not for everyone: what it is and how it works, the details.

Innovations never really stop in the fast world of technology, which from time to time offers updates and innovations that arrive to make the user experience ever better. These are different aspects that arouse the interest of users, since the modifications and changes can affect devices, apps, services and, consequently, the activities of the users themselves.

Google, the new function is incredible: what can be done – Sjbeez

Among the great protagonists of the technological field there is certainly Google, the well-known IT company to which some of the most important innovations over time are linked, as well as an absolute point of reference in this world. And even in this case we are talking about something new, an extraordinary function that is simple and immediate to use, and which will make one of the central elements of Google, perhaps the main one, i.e. search, even easier and more useful.

The new function, in fact, aims to change the way in which information is searched through devices, and to transform the way in which one interacts with Android smartphones, so as to have an even more fluid and more personalized experience. However, one aspect must be kept in mind: the novelty, at least for now, will not concern all but certain devices.

Google, extraordinary news to discover: what it is and how "Circle and Search" works

Skyrocketing enthusiasm on the part of many users, for the announcement from Google regarding an innovative search function, “Circle and Search”, which is based on AI. The date associated with the launch of the feature is January 31st, and will essentially give users the opportunity to search for information without the need to move to another app. In fact, users engaged in searching for a certain element will be able to remain in the app they are using.

Google launches an extraordinary feature: how it works and who can use it – Sjbeez

The element that makes the difference with respect to the function is linked to the possibility of carrying out more complex searches, through the combination of textual and multimedia content, by virtue of “multiple searches”. It will then be enough to circle the element, then moving on to typing the question, to get more detailed information on the matter. An extraordinary innovation that will impact the experience and one of the most recurring actions, research.

The function can be activated by making a long tap on the home button or the navigation bar; after that, you can circle, highlight, touch the elements that attract attention in an application, for example images on social platforms, videos and so on. There will therefore be analysis by Google’s AI and subsequently the answers, and the user will not have to search for them externally. The feature will debut on Galaxy S24, Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro devices.