The keyboard on your next PC may no longer be like its predecessors. The epochal transition will send a key to the attic.

We are entering a new era as regards technology and above all as regards the relationship between human beings and technology.

Microsoft changes everything: even the PC keyboard (photo youtube/Microsoft) – Sjbeez

First was ChatGPT, which put knowledge into the hands of users around the world that can be blended, ground and recompacted at will. Then they came into imaging services like Midjourney and DALL-E which do the exact same thing but with visual art.

And while we are still trying to navigate all the ethical, working and human implications of this epochal transition, there are those who are already ready to let artificial intelligence really enter everywhere and, above all, to normalize it by transforming it from a freak phenomenon to an effective work tool . For this reason the keyboards will change. We will therefore be able to distinguish PCs also by the presence or absence of this button. What can we do about it?

The new button that changes keyboard and PC

We mentioned that the great revolution that we will see in the near future is that which concerns artificial intelligence. An artificial intelligence that has, for example, already forcefully arrived in some smartphones such as the much talked about Samsung Galaxy S 24. But in addition to the work that OpenAI and Google are carrying out there is also Microsoft, which stands out on the horizon with the his flagship. A flagship that is now buzzing with the spread of the CoPilot service.

Make room for the new button designed by Microsoft (photo youtube/Microsoft) – Sjbeez

The virtual personal assistant inside all new PCs and all new Windows interactions. An assistant who, however, does not appear by snapping his fingers but is evoked, like a presence. And soon there will also be new laptops and new desktop computers with keyboards in which instead of the key with the Windows logo there will be the new circular CoPilot logo. Microsoft has in fact asked manufacturers of Windows machines to modify their keyboards in such a way as to accommodate this key.

The button, according to the official presentation video published on the Windows website, should be positioned to the right of the space bar near the other graph. The one with the Windows logo is usually on the left. This means that they could coexist or we will simply see the button with the window logo disappear and we will see a slight shift in space to also accommodate the CoPilot logo.

This move is obviously dictated by the company’s desire to convince more and more people to test the potential of artificial intelligence and therefore ensure that it truly enters everyday life. It is a function yet to be discovered but when you enter the keyboard the signal comes through loud and clear: this is not an accessory that will disappear soon.