Do your headphones ever run out of battery? It’s a problem that happens even more than expected. The solution is the latest models.

Let’s be clear, it is not a minor inconvenience, how many times do we find ourselves in the middle of a workout or even a run, or even just in our free time: with the sun in front of us, a lot of willpower and the desire to listen to good music. Too bad the headphones are out of charge.

Innovative headphones: they recharge themselves – Sjbeez

A detail that disturbs quite a bit and which unfortunately has to do with many models of headphones, a problem that puts us in difficulty especially when we are perhaps away from home and do not have the opportunity and the possibility of finding a place to recharge them .

Well, the solution could be around the corner: there is a model of headphones that has a completely innovative method of being able to recharge: something that perhaps we have heard of on a few occasions. Let’s get into it and find out what it’s all about.

Innovative headphones: this way you will no longer have charging problems

In short, the solution to think about, as regards the use of headphones, is to find a way to prevent them from running out of battery during times of the day when they are needed. The best at the moment are those from Philips.

Solar powered headphones -Sjbeez

Their secret is to offer unlimited autonomy if kept exposed to light. These headphones can manage to get 3 hours of battery for every hour spent in the sun. If it is cloudy they reach two hours of battery life. An hour of artificial light actually gives them an extra hour of use. A detail to pay attention to is that if you put them back in their case, they run out of battery.

But it doesn’t end there, they are also unique because of the earphones which are equipped with a gel padding which helps to keep the ears always fresh even when used for long periods, and again: its covers are washable and breathable. They are resistant to dust and liquids and have a Bluetooth connection made even more unique by artificial intelligence.

The only flaw, if we want to define it that way, is that relating to active noise cancellation: for the moment it is not present in the device. In any case, it is really worth trying them, the solution seems to be right for those who love spending many hours outside and training outdoors, much less for those who are passionate about gaming and dark rooms.