Is your Gmail inbox an endless string of messages you need to read and Google’s automated services aren’t helping? Do it like this.

Many times we think that the inbox cleans itself. Automated manager monitoring services help eliminate some of the hassle but some work needs to be done manually.

Is your Gmail inbox a mess? fight spam – Sjbeez

The good news is that with the entry into force of the new rules that Google has established for those who decide to send messages to Gmail account holders, you should be able to easily regain full control of your inbox with minimal effort.

Google has in fact established rules for those who send many emails: you must be registered and traceable. This should reduce spam and phishing attempts but to free up and keep the inbox tidy and clean it may not be enough. Let’s see what you can do as an end user of your inbox.

Put your Gmail inbox back in order

Automatic spam detection systems work better and better. Partly because mailbox managers are more attentive and partly also thanks to the reports that users make individually regarding the suspicious messages they receive.

Is your email cluttering up Gmail? Eliminate the superfluous with two taps – Sjbeez

But it’s not just spam that offers you the definitive solution to back pain to fight, nor messages from phantom lawyers or French judicial authorities looking for you. There are many things that can clutter up your inbox. And since the space that emails take up is counted in the Drive, if you have a Gmail account, it’s a good idea to keep everything under control.

The first thing to do is to really make sure that the spam box is emptied of everything that is cluttering it and that all the annoying messages end up there. To further reduce the digital garbage that you may receive, however, also check incoming emails if there are, for example, suspicious messages that have somehow managed to overcome Google’s automatic filters and therefore must disappear.

However, don’t just delete them: also report them as spam, so that any other messages end up in the appropriate box and then be automatically destroyed by the system. You can also decide to increase your peace of mind by setting up filters that stop the arrival of certain messages if it is not possible, for example, to remove your name from the recipient list.

Unsubscribing from the newsletters is another way to restore order, especially when these newsletters arrive only because you perhaps went shopping on a particular site which then, in the famous terms of service that no one ever reads, shared your email address with others.

Google allows you to work in peace by allowing you to unsubscribe in an instant by tapping the Unsubscribe button. You can find it by hovering over the message without opening it. It may take a while to sort out but it’s worth it.