A home environment completely controlled by smart devices: all you need is a black box and you’re done. Here’s how it works.

The advent of Artificial Intelligences such as Alexa and the like has significantly validated the concept of home automation, i.e. the whole series of equipment and commands that allow you to control the devices in a home simply with your voice, or with gestures created ad hoc. All to make your life easier.

The new home automation controller for your home is produced by Nice

Certainly, as in the best of stories, the beginning was a bit troubled, or if we want simply a bit stringent in terms of dictates: the first home automation devices had a peculiarity, that is, they only got along with the controllers of the same brand. Therefore, to make a light bulb work with the automatic on/off system or with Alexa’s voice, it was necessary to purchase an Amazon-branded smart light bulb.

But then, the miracle: compatibility arrived. So the Apple Watch began to be able to control artificial intelligence hubs created by other manufacturers of devices of this kind, the non-Amazon branded “intelligent plugs” began to communicate with Alexa, and thanks to the wifi networks every type of controller can be associated with any device around the house.

Yubii Home Pro, the new frontier of home automation

Two hundred devices controlled simultaneously by a single controller: this is what the new Yubii Home Pro, from Nice, which has just launched it on the market, can do. This is a brand new controller suitable for controlling your Smart Home system, which can control up to 200 devices connected to the hub.

Connect everything to the brain of your home: a multifunction box

A multifunction gateway that gives the possibility of simultaneously controlling up to 200 intelligent devices for the management of home automation, especially in relation to the Yubii/Nice/Fibaro universe. This new gateway is also able to set many scenarios related to access control, the automation of security systems, home entertainment and much more.

Remote control of smart devices that are installed in your home can be done via the Yubii App application, but also from smartwatches thanks to the fact that it is fully compatible with Apple Watch, a novelty to take into great consideration. But it is not just Apple Watch that is the ideal partner of this gateway, which in total is compatible with over 3000 devices from other brands, which makes it absolutely usable in every possible way.