A new phone designed with new and irresistible features has been presented: this is why it is now tempting for many users.

In recent days the Honor company has officially brought its foldable Magic V2 out of China and into the European market. The presentation event was held in Leipzig, Germany, and saw the participation of more than 400 media representatives at the headquarters of the "Porsche Experience Center".

The new Chinese phone seems to appeal to many users due to its unique features on the market – www.Sjbeez

Honor’s Magic V2 is an already well-known device, having been launched in China, and many have had the opportunity to try it, albeit in a short time, at the IFA in Berlin in 2023. The phone tries to solve two of the main criticisms that are usually leveled at foldable phones: the external screen and the thickness.

Honor’s Magic V2 features a 6.4-inch external AMOLED screen that can range from 1 to 120 Hz and reach up to 2,500 nits of brightness. When the phone is folded, it is only 9.9mm thick, which means you can use it in the folded state just like a regular phone.

The weight of the phone is just 231 grams, achieved using a 3D printed titanium alloy for the hinge mechanism and a new silicon-carbon battery made up of two extremely thin cells with a combined capacity of 5,000 mAh. Honor claims the phone can withstand 400,000 bends, or 100 bends per day, for 10 years, thanks to the innovative hinge design.

Honor launches a new mobile phone – photo via Honor.com

In terms of potential, this new and powerful device opens up to a wide range of uses. It can be used like a traditional phone when folded, while the larger screen makes it perfect for tasks that need more visual space, such as browsing, gaming, movies and reading. It is a smartphone that makes daily use its strong point.

The smooth transition between folded and unfolded modes, along with its light weight and portability, makes it very suitable for users who move a lot during use. These features, together with the potential of a high-quality display and exceptional battery life, make the Magic V2 an option to be carefully evaluated for both technology enthusiasts and the rest of users.