From a niche product to an increasingly used device, even for universities. The best e-books on the market in terms of quality/price ratio.

Reading books in the somewhat tech and somewhat smart era is different. It’s a shame that that inebriating scent of books is lost, who knows, maybe some generative artificial intelligence will give us back that particular and in some ways immense pleasure in smelling a book you’ve just bought, feeling an inimitable well-being.

E-books, reading in the slightly tech and slightly smart era – Sjbeez

For everything else there are e-books: books in digital format, which can be opened via computers and mobile devices. At least this is a primary (now summary) description, as vague as it is broad. From niche devices, e-books have conquered more and more of the market, going well beyond the new concept of reading a book in digital format.

An e-book can be created (starting from basic software), but also personalized, as not having a layout it is not fixed, there is the possibility for a user to shape it in your image and likeness. Given the great existing demand, it is right to have an analytical approach, researching the best e-books in terms of quality-price ratio.

E-books, from the Amazon-Kobo combination to Lenovo, via PocketBook Era. There’s something for everyone

For those who want to try a new experience (they don’t necessarily like it but it cannot be compared with the traditional reading of a book) or for those who are knowledgeable about the subject, the success of e-books also lies in the increase in eReaders (readers of eBook), increasingly hyped. There is the Kindle Scribe with 16 gigabytes of storage space: the first digital notebook, all in one, with a 10.2” Paperwhite screen at 300 ppi. And dedicated pen.

E-book, as we read nowadays – Sjbeez

Unlike tablets, Amazon’s device offers months of reading and weeks of writing, all on a single charge. The price starts from 369 euros and goes up, the difference being mainly made by the storage we want to have. For a few dozen euros more, there is the Kobo Ellipsa 2E. An eReader with a 10.3″ anti-glare touchscreen with ComfortLight Pro and always a pen attached, adjustable brightness, Wi-Fi, with 32GB of storage space for 399 euros.

Be careful though, it’s the list price, there are always some offers on e-commerce. If you want to get away from the super-performing Amazon-Kobo combination, here is another of the best ebook readers, PocketBook Era. It has access to eBiblio, has an above-average audio option, attractive design and finishes, of premium quality: it also has top connectivity and the possibility of exploiting the network of public libraries with digital lending, fortunately for university students, who can buy it (not just them) for just over two hundred euros.

Last but not least the Lenovo Smart Paper. With a 10.3-inch screen and electronic ink, the device has a huge storage capacity, in fact it is comparable to a tablet with a screen for reading ebooks, or taking notes. A high-end model for just under 600 euros, promo aside.