There are as many as 3.7 million Disney Plus subscribers who are facing a low blow from the streaming service. A decision arrives that we didn’t expect.

The streaming giant is ready for something new that no one had anticipated. There are certainly many who will be disappointed by this news.

Disney Plus, the news that doesn’t please fans (Youtube Disney Plus)

Disney has long since decided to take the field with its own streaming platform. The launch of the on-demand platform officially arrived on November 12, 2019 in the United States, while in Italy and many other countries in Europe it arrived in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic on March 24, 2020.

At launch, the platform hosted 500 films and over 7 thousand episodes of TV series including cartoons and live action. Over time, many other contents have been added, some of which are a little distant from children’s products, such as thriller and horror films. Precisely thanks to these choices the platform has become a direct competitor of more renowned services such as Netflix. But what’s the bad news for subscribers?

Disney Plus subscribers won’t be happy

Disney Plus is ready for a small revolution within itself that no one expected and which will not make millions of subscribers happy.

Disney Plus changes everything (Youtube Pixar)

Just as happened with Netflix, the platform will also prevent users from sharing the password. What has been defined as the crackdown will be triggered on March 14th which will therefore prevent users from sharing the same subscription remotely. The news initially arrived in a roundabout way because users of Hulu, a service in the Disney orbit, received an email specifying how the limitation on sharing your account outside of your family will be implemented.

The official announcement came from Arstechnica which received confirmation of the fact directly from Disney. In the next few days the communication will reach all subscribers. At the moment we don’t know how the platform will move to ban multiple viewing and whether it will be possible, with an additional payment, to do so again following a new plan.

It is certainly not pleasant news for users who were already very disappointed when at the end of last year they saw the cost of the subscription increase from 8.99 euros per month to 11.99. Who knows, maybe this could lead to a sensational own goal for the company with a decrease in subscribers. It will take time to understand this.