Thanks to iPhone Notes, you can digitize old photos and Polaroids in HD. Here’s how to do it, it’s a trick that no one knows.

How many times have you found yourself in the hands of old photos taken years ago with a camera or fascinating Polaroids hanging in the bedroom? These are indelible memories, which take on even greater value as they are physically printed, unlike the overflowing galleries we have today on our smartphones with tens of thousands of archived shots.

The trick to digitize photos and polaroids in HD with iPhone notes

But sometimes, it may happen that you want to digitize certain photos or Polaroids in HD. So that you can also keep them on your phone or even just to upload them to social networks. What to do in these cases? The immediate thought is to download third-party apps that work with a scanning system. But in reality there is a much simpler trick already available within the iPhone notes. So you can do everything instantly and get an exceptional final result.

How to digitize photos with iPhone notes: the genius trick

Thanks to the Notes app on the iPhone, you will finally have the possibility to digitize old photos or Polaroids in HD and keep them stored on your device in a safe and intelligent way. Without the need to download third-party apps that usually have low and limited use, require Premium subscriptions after some photos or simply don’t offer the quality you expect.

Here’s how to immediately digitize photos with iPhone notes – Sjbeez

To be able to access this unknown trick right away, all you need to do is unlock your iPhone and open the Notes app. At this point, tap on the icon at the top to create a new one and then go to the section dedicated to the toolbar. By clicking on the three dots at the bottom, Scan document will also appear among the various items.

Open this item and that’s it, the camera interface will appear with which to frame the photo or Polaroid to be digitized. The iPhone software will automatically recognize and frame the photo, which will be cropped without you having to do anything.

Once you have completed this operation, by clicking on the file you can save it in the Gallery and always have it available. Or alternatively copy it so you can then paste it wherever you want. From a WhatsApp chat to an Instagram story, via a post on Facebook and so on and so forth.