An important change is coming for everyone who uses Amazon every day: an extra monthly charge is coming.

Amazon is adapting to the constant general increase in prices of today. In the United States, for example, the first news on subscription plans is arriving, in particular regarding the Prime Video streaming platform. Although it was born as a small offshoot of the US e-commerce giant, over time Prime Video has welcomed more and more titles, both in quantity and quality.

News expected on Amazon’s subscription plans, especially for streaming – Sjbeez

Over time, Prime Video has therefore become a direct competitor of the most renowned streaming platforms such as, for example, Netflix. It is therefore not at all surprising that Amazon has also adapted to these other platforms, which have begun to include subscription plans with advertising. Let’s find out what they consist of and whether they will also arrive in Italy.

The costs of an Amazon service are increasing: be careful

In fact, in the United States, advertising has already arrived during Prime Video streaming, with an average ranging from 2 to 3 and a half minutes. If users want to eliminate it completely, they will have to pay an additional 3 dollars a month (in the States, therefore, it would reach a figure of 18 dollars a month). Many are already canceling their subscriptions, threatening to also give up purchasing products online from Amazon.

The minimum limit for free shipping is also set to increase – Sjbeez

As far as Italy is concerned, however, this change has not yet arrived, but it should arrive during this year together with other nations. Furthermore, there is currently no additional plan without advertising, but Amazon has reassured that it will arrive at a later time, after the arrival of advertising. C

What has undergone an increase, however, is the price of the Echo/Fire TV subscription, precisely from 10 January 2024. The cost per month has, in fact, gone from €4.99 to €5.99. Amazon justified itself by saying that it was a necessary increase to guarantee the same quality of the product. Here too, however, many users said they were dissatisfied and began to think about canceling yet another subscription to an online service.

Presumably, when the change regarding advertising on Prime Video arrives, increases in the price of Amazon Prime will also arrive. Price which, currently, certainly remains competitive compared to other services. Will users refuse this price change or will they accept it? Posterity will judge.