Beats Studio Pro, the Apple headset that competes with itself. Here’s the offer you can’t miss.

Beats is a company that produces headphones and speakers. It was born in 2006 and began distributing its products under its own brand and then collaborated with Monster Cable Products from 2009 to 2012, the year in which they did not renew the contract. In 2014 Apple Inc. purchased Beats for 3 billion dollars.

The best over-ear headphones on the market – Sjbeez

Even before the Apple purchase, Beats products have always been among the elite in this sector and with the additional help of the brand with the largest and most avid fan base in the world they have improved further. Last summer they released the Beats Studio Pro, a pair of latest generation over-ear headphones with the most sought-after components on the market

The Beats Pro line of headphones on sale

The first version of this line of headphones dates back three years. Obviously given the great technological advancement of this period the final result is currently much more efficient. First of all, the big change that we immediately notice is the price, made more affordable in an attempt to increase sales, given the little success achieved previously.

The earphones appear elegant and robust, thanks to the favorite material, metal. Furthermore, as far as functionality is concerned we can immediately find a very specific focus, typical of Apple. In detail, it involves the creation of spatial audio, a function that makes sound involvement more personalized for our needs. Along with this there is also the possibility of selecting noise cancellation and transparency mode. The first isolates the audio by enhancing the bass and improving listening while the second lets external noise pass through the reproduced audio.

Beats Studio Pro – Sjbeez

The strong points of this device are its autonomy which reaches 40 hours of use, the weight almost halved to make the headphones lighter and more comfortable and finally also the Bluetooth version brought forward with 5.3. Other, less important differences are the new charging cable now type C, with the possibility of playing audio and charging the device at the same time. In conclusion, a new feature that we cannot overlook is the addition of the 3.5 mm Jack which allows us to expand the range of compatible devices. It is a very high level product, ideal both for watching content and for playing your favorite music tracks. Compatible with Apple and also with Android, it is among the best choices among all audio devices.