The “foldable” market is a new technological frontier and Apple is ready to establish itself. Here are the new Apple models on the market.

Foldable smartphones are a technological frontier that is being explored by many important players. One of the most interested in this growing market is Apple, always willing to be at the top of the competition for the best technological innovations in the mobile telephony field.

Apple, foldable iPhones in development: the situation – Sjbeez

You will surely have seen some videos around the new foldable smartphones. After a long period in which the challenge was to make a telephone increasingly smaller, today the components have become small enough to leave room for other possibilities such as photographic cameras and other accessories.

Contrary to the past, the challenge for manufacturers today is to fit the greatest number of possibilities into a single machine and this requires space. Considering how much technology has progressed in the last 3 decades and how we are now all completely dependent on using a smartphone even for the simplest everyday situations, the needs are multiplying and a larger screen helps a lot.

New foldable iPhone: Apple wants to conquer the next smartphone market

The producers know this, just as they know that no one loves a device that is too bulky. Conversely, the possibility of fitting a very large appliance into a small space is extremely interesting. Here comes the technology capable of making the screen of a smartphone foldable, something that has been in development for several years now, but which is only recently arriving on store shelves.

Apple also wants a foldable iPhone – Sjbeez

Apple is reportedly working on 2 foldable iPhone prototypes. Rumors regarding these prototypes in the works have been circulating for some time, but only recently has the news become concrete. Despite this, the fact that they are still considered prototypes in the work phase highlights how work on this new technology is still behind.

According to investigations, the first tests on Apple’s foldable smartphones began in 2018. If after 6 years we are still talking about prototypes in the works, one can imagine that creating a foldable smartphone within everyone’s reach and easy to produce is not at all easy, not even for the Apple engineers. Despite this it seems that there have been some steps forward, in particular because the American company has found a partner to continue the project.

What worries Apple engineers right now is that their devices are not yet resistant enough to be developed safely. The problem with folding a smartphone is in fact the large quantity of electronic components inside it, which could break.

The two prototypes that Cupertino is developing would be from the iPhone line. This would deny the rumor that an iPad Fold model would soon be on the market. From this point, however, it is expected that the new iPhone Folds can be developed by 2026.