From today, with this secret trick you can customize every single aspect of your Android smartphone for free. Here’s how to do it.

Android is by far the smartphone operating system that has offered its users the opportunity to enjoy a total customization system since its inception. There have been many innovations introduced in recent years by the team of developers aimed precisely at providing all the necessary tools to be able to deploy one’s creativity in an alternative way.

The trick to customize your Android smartphone for free

With the possibility, for example, of modifying the home screen with widgets and other useful elements, of downloading personalized themes, animated wallpapers, fonts of different sizes and colors of your choice. And much, much more. Apparently, however, it’s not over yet. In fact, recently, we started talking about a new service that will give you the opportunity to personalize your smartphone in an even more in-depth way for free. The final result is simply incredible, you will be speechless.

How to customize your Android smartphone for free: the brilliant trick

Thanks to this brilliant trick, you will finally have the opportunity to personalize your Android smartphone for free in a way that has never been so thorough. Use your creativity and choose every little detail of the phone, with a screen that will be one of a kind and completely different from that of your friends and relatives.

Here’s how to customize your Android smartphone, there’s a trick

Have you ever heard of Good Lock? This is an exclusive service that has been made available by Samsung to ensure that users with phones updated to Android 14 can enjoy some unique tools of their kind. It is a sort of hub where you can download secondary apps, designed to modify every single aspect of your phone.

The most interesting is probably Nav Star, a fantastic application from Good Lock that allows you to completely modify the navigation bar of your smartphone. Which by default has the Home, Back and app menu opening keys in sequence. You can adapt it to a swipe gesture, change the keys, colors, button design and so on.

Quick Star could also be very useful to you. Thanks to this software, there is the possibility of configuring WiFi, hotspot, Bluetooth and much more via the quick settings menu. Now fully customizable via the “Create style for your quick panel” button. So you will choose the colors of the buttons, the dark mode, the total restyling and so on. Save after finishing and you’re done!