Another clue about Fire Stick TV: Amazon intends to change the concept of this device. Here’s what happens now for those who use them.

An ad hoc device for watching TV in this slightly tech and slightly smart era. Wanting a revolutionary Media Center line, which has changed for a decade now (the first Fire Stick TVs came out in 2014) the reproduction of television and music content through an internet connection.

Amazon, time for radical changes for Fire TVs – Sjbeez

Amazon has hit the mark with its device, economical on balance and highly appreciated, which offers a double chance: a Set-top box (Fire TV Cube) or three types of plug-in HDMI sticks: the entry-level Fire TV model Stick Lite, Fire TV Sticks with dedicated buttons and 4K resolution Fire TV Sticks.

It seems that this second type of device is heading towards an important, radical change. Amazon blocks Fire Stick TVs to transform them. An announcement for a Fire TV Experience software development engineer was enough to confirm a major change in strategy.

Amazon, another clue: Fire Stick TVs will have a brand new operating system

Already last year the idea took shape that Amazon was working on a new operating system of its own, whose long-term aim was to replace Android, which had practically always been used on Echo and Fire TV devices. In fact, Vega OS (this is the name of the operating system made by Amazon) ran on the new Echo Show 8. Apparently it satisfied the Seattle giant, apparently intending to transport it to Fire TV devices.

Big news for Amazon’s Fire Sticks – photo via Amazon

That job advert found by Aftvnews suggests the new path that Amazon intends to take. Little doubt after that in the "Work with us" section, Amazon is looking for an engineer who will "implement and provide functionality on the Fire TV client code base during the transition from FOS/Android to native/Rust and React Native".

It must be said, to be fair, that Vega OS was not specifically mentioned by Amazon, so it is not certain that this operating system will be introduced in Fire TVs, but the news is there. Or rather the new idea is confirmed: regardless of the name of the new operating system, they will go "from FOS/Android", where FOS stands for Fire OS, to something else. Which means bye bye Little Green Robot. The road is clear, therefore, in a more or less near future the Fire TVs will have a new operating system, whether it will be Vega OS or something else, we will only find out by experiencing it.