After several years, Windows is preparing to say goodbye to its traditional format. This is a huge loss for all users.

Windows is preparing to change forever. Microsoft’s PC operating system is by far the most used globally, a success that wants to be fueled by the team of developers with continuous updates that are about to be released in the coming weeks. Both to correct bugs and errors found and to integrate new and undiscovered features.

Important news for Windows and those who use it every day

Recently, there has been talk of a mini revolution that could soon affect all consumers who own a computer with Windows as the operating system. That is, a definitive farewell to the traditional format of the operating system, for a completely new graphic design which will lead to enormous damage, at least initially, for users. Here is all the information that has emerged and how you will have to get used to this important change.

Windows changes everything: goodbye to the traditional format, all the new features

More than 10 years after the last time, Windows is preparing to change forever and make a definitive change to its operating system. In fact, it seems that, with build 26040 of Windows 11, a big change has been made regarding the installation format. Which changes and will no longer be traditional, but there will be a completely new screen never seen before.

Total revolution for Windows

This new window will have a white background and a series of more or less important changes at the interface level. The most obvious and which immediately catches the eye is the presence of an option to repair the PC, rather than proceeding with a clean installation of Windows 11. There is then a request for confirmation from the user, to be able to confirm that installing the operating system will delete all data on the computer. No changes, at least for now, to the design of the screen border.

Inevitably this will be a huge detriment to consumers, at least in the early stages. Changing an interface after more than ten years will in fact force you to get used to using the operating system installation process again. And it cannot be ruled out that, for the less experienced, there are some tools that are forgotten or not seen at first glance. With consequences that then emerge when the operating system is ready to be used.