What did you just watch on YouTube? Try doing this search and discover the new feature added that can really save a life.

The video-based platform that is now part of the Google ecosystem is one of the points of reference for a very large number of users every day in every part of the world.

YouTube has new criteria for some content – ​​Sjbeez

Whether it’s finding the next appetizer recipe or learning a new digital painting technique or discovering new songs on YouTube there’s something for everyone and everyone can find something. It’s true, some content shouldn’t be there because it lacks quality and is essentially disguised advertising or fake news packaged to produce panic.

But there is also a lot of interesting and useful content. And for a series of contents within the platform, new criteria have just been inserted which allow this content to be traced by choosing the most accurate videos produced by reliable sources.

YouTube can help you learn life-saving techniques

It may not be a situation you will ever find yourself in but imagine you are at a restaurant and the person with you, either out of distraction or because they are laughing, suddenly starts coughing and can’t breathe. There are some maneuvers that are taught to first aid workers to eliminate the occlusion and therefore allow the person to breathe again.

Google and YouTube will better control the content they offer you – Sjbeez

But if you haven’t learned them in some course you might feel the urge to search on the internet how to perform an emergency maneuver. The question, which you would probably never ask yourself at that moment, is whether the videos you would be able to see are reliable sources or not.

To make YouTube a safer place and with more truthful information, the company has announced that it has launched new criteria for searches that concern health and in particular emergencies. Obviously the video collections will only be shown if you do an adequate search but it is one more way in which YouTube and Google are evidently trying to regain some credibility in the eyes of users after fake videos have emerged of any kind.

Health is an important topic, we learned this when during the Covid epidemic fake news multiplied and spread. Now, alongside the cleaning operations of Google search results and videos published on YouTube to eliminate those that spread incorrect information or information designed only to produce panic, new collections dedicated to health are arriving with content coming only from reliable sources: institutes research, hospitals and all those actors who actually have the skills to talk about diseases and health.